ProActive Maintenance Program

We are pleased to announce a new service available thru Automated Doors & Access, Inc. (ADA). ADA is launching a ProActive Maintenance Program (PMP) for all types of doors.  This includes manual doors, automatic swing door operators, sliding doors, revolving doors, speed lanes, and full height turnstiles.

Experience has shown that periodic ProActive Maintenance and careful inspection of your facility’s doors can reduce both downtime and repair expenses while extending the useful life and operating efficiency of your doors. ADA, Inc. recommends two inspections per year in the spring and fall.

This program also provides documentation of your intent to ensure the safety of your doors in the event of an accident. While the documentation does not prevent any litigation in the event of an accident, it does help show your intent to insure safe operation of the automated opening.

Our PMP will be completed by one of our experienced technicians who are certified American Association of Automatic Door Manufacturers (AAADM) inspector. ADA will perform a Proactive Maintenance Inspection where sensors are calibrated, opening and closing speeds are checked and adjusted, components, belts, gears and lubricants, pivots, glass and guide rails are also checked, adjusted and tightened. In addition, ADA will provide a documented assessment that the doors and sensors were inspected per safety requirements and provide recommended repairs or upgrades as required to meet the safety requirements of the American National Standards Institute (ANSI).

ProActive Maintenance Programs:

  • PMP Standard
    • You tell us time and frequency of service
    • Discounts on parts and labor
    • Documented Inspection Reports
    • Dispatch Priority
  • PMP Flex
    • ADA, Inc. Determines Schedule for Service within 48 Hour Notice
    • Additional Discounts for Parts and Labor
    • Documented Inspection Reports
    • Dispatch Priority
  • PMP Custom
    • Fully Comprehensive Parts and Labor
    • Block Hour Program with Roll Over Option
    • Priority Circumstances: i.e. After Hours, Maintenance Shut Down, Inspection Compliance Review and Response
    • Discounts for Parts and Labor
    • Documented Inspection Reports
    • Dispatch Priority

If you have an interest and would like us to contact you with additional information regarding ADA’s ProActive Maintenance Program, please call ADA’s service department at 866.470.8099 or email us at [email protected]