When you think about a medical facility, you probably think about the doctors, the technicians, and the equipment. And those are all important, but they’re only part of the equation. Every facility is a complicated ecosystem with several moving parts—and how well those moving parts function can seriously affect the whole. Not least of which are your automatic doors and access. ADA has decades of experience working with the medical industry to create safe environments—here are just a few examples of how our doors help optimize hospitals and labs across the Midwest:

Create a Sterile Environment

One of the biggest concerns for hospitals and labs is contamination. It’s all too easy for bacteria, viruses, and other germs to spread from room to room without the proper safeguards in place. But here’s the good news. We can help with that by installing medical-grade “isolation doors” that seal off any area that’s particularly susceptible to contaminants. These doors keep diseases from spreading to other parts of the facility and out of sensitive areas, like the operating room.

Touch-Free Options

As we just discussed, containing the spread of germs is particularly important in hospitals and labs. And some of the germiest objects in any building are door knobs, door handles, and push bars, which collect all of the gross stuff people carry on their hands throughout the day. That’s why we install touch-free doors at strategic locations throughout the hospitals and labs we work with. Since the doors are activated by motion sensors, there’s nothing to touch or contaminate.

Accommodate the Flow of Traffic

Picture the arrival of a new patient. They might be in a wheelchair, or on a gurney, or hooked up to cumbersome (but life-saving) equipment. We offer oversized door options that are big enough to handle any situation a hospital or medical facility might face. Further, the motion-activated doors open automatically, which helps clear a path when every second counts.   

Control Access

Hospitals and labs are high-stakes environments where letting in unauthorized visitors can be disastrous—possibly even life-threatening. Our controlled-access products allow you to manage who is able to enter the building and/or certain restricted areas, keeping your facility safe, secure, and sterile.     

Built to Stay Clean

Let’s say that you need to contain a biohazard or study something volatile. You’ll need a dedicated room—and door—that’s up to the challenge. For example, we install a lot of UltraClean Sterile Doors for situations like these. We love these doors for a couple reasons: They’re extremely durable, so they hold up to frequent washdowns. And they’re made from stainless steel, which easily releases dirt and grime.

Stay in Compliance

In any public-facing building, the doors need to be in compliance with several local and federal laws—this is especially important in facilities like hospitals, where lives are literally on the line. And we can help with that. We’ll make sure you’re up to snuff with fire-doors, emergency exits, and everything included in the Americans with Disabilities Act. We’ll also make sure you’re in tune with the industry’s best-practices. The American Society for Health Care Engineering creates a lot of helpful guidelines. And we’re up on all of them.

Every Shape and Size

Automatic doors, especially in hospitals and labs, can be niche products. A randomly selected contractor won’t always have the experience or inventory necessary for your facility’s particular needs. At ADA, however, we have decades of experience supplying the medical industry with doors and access suitable for these high-stakes and ever-changing environments. We have everything your building could possibly need, from barn doors, to swinging doors, to telescoping doors, and more. You’ll never run into limitations when you work with us.     

Increase Safety

Our doors have several different features that increase the overall safety of your facility. For example, we adjust the opening and closing speed of your doors, so no one’s ever caught off guard. We install pressure sensors, so no one’s ever pinched against the wall. And we install doors that stay open during emergencies, to facilitate a smooth and orderly exit.

Create an Atmosphere

First impressions matter, especially in hospitals. Our slick, state-of-the-art doors elevate the appearance of your entryways and inspire confidence in the rest of your facility. That means you get elite performance without sacrificing on design. We also offer doors that are created to open and close as quietly as possible, creating a calm, peaceful atmosphere for recovering patients.

Your medical facility is a well-oiled machine with lots of moving parts and pieces. Your doors and access are an important part of that machine; a part that can help keep your building safe, sterile, and secure. You have enough on your plate saving lives, keeping patients comfortable, or doing life-changing research. Let us worry about the doors. Reach out to ADA today to discuss options for your particular needs.