Our Products

Efficient. Accessible. Secure.

ADA sells, services, and installs quality, safe, innovative doors and access systems from some of the industry’s top manufacturers. Our comprehensive range of products allows us to recommend solutions that will best serve the needs of your commercial, institutional, or industrial facilities.

Whether it’s a new construction project or a retrofit of an existing structure, we have the right product to fit your specific entry and access needs.


Automatic Doors

Sliding, swinging, folding, and revolving styles

Manual Doors

Aluminum, hollow metal, and high-impact styles, with suitable hardware

Security Revolving Doors and Mantrap Portals

High-security options to prevent tailgating and other intrusion methods

Sliding Barn Doors

Wood or aluminum with latching and decorative hardware

Turnstile Models

Full Height Turnstiles

Suitable for interior and exterior installation, and designed for unmanned monitoring

Optical Turnstiles with Sensor System

Medium-security that detects and prevents tailgating while supporting regulatory compliance and risk reduction

Automatic Gates

Low-security entry for a variety of users including those with disabilities, the elderly, or those with suitcases, dollies or strollers

Access Systems

Magnetic Locks

Virtually indestructible locking mechanisms with failsafe emergency release capability and special options such as LED lock indicators and built-in timers

Card Readers and Keypads

Two options for accessing entry, with the user either swiping a magnetic strip on the card or inputting a PIN or passcode

Electric Panic/Exit Devices

Enables safe and easy egress from an interior space in case of emergency while allowing door to remain locked, preventing access from the outside

Optional Features

Biometric Devices

Advanced method to provide access to authorized individuals only

Riot-Resistant Glass

Withstands gunshots, battering, and other methods of force to keep your facility safe

Touchless Operation

To reduce the spread of viruses and bacteria and eliminate cross-contamination while providing easy access and ADA compliance

Push-Button Operation

For easy access and ADA compliance (Antimicrobial options available)