Our Customers

We have a door for every need.

Since 2007 Automated Doors & Access (ADA) has been providing quality automated doors and access systems for both new construction and existing buildings. 

We work closely with architects, engineers, contractors, glazing contractors, security integrators and facility managers to identify the design objective and recommend the best solution from our comprehensive range of products. Whether the goal is to provide easier access, ensure more secure entrances and exits, or integrate the latest technology, we have the expertise and experience to meet your needs.

From commercial, institutional, and industrial environments to educational centers, transportation hubs and medical facilities, ADA can be counted on to deliver the right product at the right price.

Industries We Serve

Medical Facilities

The recent pandemic has reinforced the importance of reducing infection risk and contamination in heavily trafficked areas, especially in medical facilities. Integrating Touchless Operation into our Automatic Doors reduces the spread of viruses and bacteria and the potential for cross-contamination, while Anti-Ligature door solutions decrease the risk of self-harm.


The entrance to a retail environment establishes the customer’s perception of the store. Automatic doors with ADA options create easy access points that can accommodate a range of visitors, including those with strollers, wheelchairs or walkers, or various types of disabilities. Adding cart doors reduces the problem of vehicle damage due to errant carts while providing a separate entrance for carts retrieved by store personnel.

Apartment Buildings & Communities

Security and ease of access are two important elements when choosing doors for apartment buildings. Installing automatic doors with components such as keypads and magnetic locks allow residents to easily enter and exit the structure while protecting against unauthorized admission.

Commercial & Industrial

Industrial and commercial environments require a variety of door options for both personnel and materials delivery. Modular panels come in a range of sizes to fit various openings, complemented by automatic controls that allow safe, sure operation.

Schools & Religious Institutions

Public spaces such as schools and religious institutions need to be easily accessible by a range of individuals, from babies in strollers to adults, the elderly and people with disabilities. Our automatic doors with push-button or touchless operation along with integrated panic devices or crash bars ensure safe and easy ingress and egress.


The high level of security needed in a governmental building begins at all entry points to the location. Our Security Revolving Doors and Mantrap Portals along with options including Biometric Devices, Riot-Resistant and Bullet-Resistant Glass allow secure admission for authorized personnel while mitigating risk and potential danger in case of unauthorized entry.

Airports & Transportation Centers

Transportation centers present unique access challenges, since the need for efficient movement of people is matched by the need to maintain a level of security. Our Automatic Doors with Exit Lane Breach Control ensure that pedestrian traffic moves quickly and easily while maintaining secure surroundings.