ProActive Fire Door
Inspection (PFDI)

Get fired up about fire doors.

Fire doors increase safety and reduce property damage by slowing the spread of fires, and they’re a regulatory requirement in many buildings. By having us regularly check your fire doors through our PFDI program, not only can you potentially save lives and your building, you’ll avoid fines, as well.

Slow the spread
of fires
Help save lives and
avoid property damage
Stay up to code
and avoid fines

What does our PFDI include?

ADA’s technicians have undergone rigorous and extensive training and are fully certified through the National Fire Protection Association to inspect your fire doors—which means our technicians have met the highest standards in the industry. As part of our PFDI program, we’ll come out to take a detailed look, identify any issues, and can make any necessary repairs or replacements to get you to compliance.


We provide a detailed report that includes:

  • Detailed inventory of the number, locations, and names of the fire doors inspected
  • Details of each door’s opening
  • Each door’s frame material, rating (20 minute, 30 minute, 45 minute, 90 minute), and NFPA 80 code status (compliant or non-compliant)
  • Details of non-compliant issues and recommendations for improvement
  • Report of repairs made, if any

In addition to the fire door inspection, ADA can also supply hardware for any necessary repairs to be made internally, or we provide a turn-key approach from inspection to the repair solution. We are happy to be as involved in the process as you need us to be.

More about fire door regulations.

Because lives are at stake, fire doors are subject to quite a few federal and local regulations, and the standards can vary based on the state or city in which your building is located. Here are a few examples of common protocol:

  • Fire doors must close automatically during emergencies.
  • Fire doors must provide emergency egress.
  • Fire door modifications, including painting, drilling holes, installing windows, etc. are restricted.
  • Fire doors must have a UL label.

PFDI + PMP = all your bases covered.

While our PFDI program has been created as a stand-alone from our ProActive Maintenance Plan (PMP) for automatic doors, it can be addressed under one comprehensive program to provide our clients with the “best in class” solutions related to door safety and security. In addition to being certified under NFPA for fire door inspections, all ADA technicians are also certified American Association of Automatic Door Manufacturers (AAADM) inspectors. Click here to learn more about PMP.

Let’s get started!

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