You may think of ADA as experts in the installation and service of automatic swing and slide doors—and rightfully so, as that’s our bread-and-butter. It’s what we do (and do well) every day. But did you know our team also has the skills and know-how to tackle all sorts of specialty projects? 

Case in point: the Exit Lane Breach Control system we just installed at the Nashville International Airport. 

If you’re running an airport, you have a pretty big responsibility. With so many people entering and exiting the airport—both from land and air—it’s crucial to keep track of those who have gone through security and those who haven’t. How do you make sure everyone is safe, organized, and moving in the right direction? You do it with the help of Exit Lane Breach Control (ELBC).          

What is Exit Lane Breach Control?

ELBC is a system of doors and a corridor that releases people from a restricted area—such as passengers who have arrived at an airport via plane—while keeping people from the other side from entering the restricted area. These systems typically consist of two automatic doors that work in tandem. The first door invites you into a one-way hallway, and the second door releases you from it. So, you’re creating a one-way corridor that’s very easy to monitor and keeps everyone moving in the right direction.       

The nice thing about ELBC is that the automatic doors are activated by a motion sensor which can only be activated from the correct side. This feature stops people from entering through the exit, enforces the one-way traffic, and keeps the restricted areas restricted. So, whether you install these in an airport, a train station, a stadium, or a government or office building, you’re improving both security and the flow of traffic.  

The Benefits of Exit Lane Breach Control

  • ELBC Enhances Security
    ELBC—as you’ve already read—stops unscreened, unauthorized people from entering through the exit. But they also help airport security manage other types of threats. For example, you can equip these exit lanes with a special type of technology that alerts security to unattended bags or other suspicious items left in the corridor.   
  • ELBC is Convenient
    The typical commercial building can be a bit of a maze. You have people heading in. You have people heading out. And especially when you’re dealing with an airport, you have a lot of people wandering around who aren’t familiar with the building. ELBC are often set up to shuttle people directly to customs or the baggage claim, which is exactly where they’re supposed to be. So, these exit lanes help clear away the exiting passengers in a fast and orderly way and keep frustration (for passengers and airport staff) to a minimum.   
  • ELBC is Safe
    ELBC uses touch-free automatic doors, which reduce the spread of germs. But they also come with other safety features, like pressure sensors. These sensors keep the doors from slamming shut or opening too fast, thereby reducing injury. Further, at ADA, we make sure your exit lanes interact with all of your other security features, like burglar alarms and fire alarms.   
  • ELBC Eliminates Human Error
    In some buildings, you might see a security guard who stops people from entering restricted areas. But what if that security guard gets distracted? What if they fall asleep? What if they need to handle an even bigger emergency somewhere else in the building? In any heavily-secured area, the stakes are high, and you don’t want to fall victim to human error. ELBC helps eliminate that human error. It also helps manage the situations no one really wants to think about, like a security guard who has bad intentions or has been bribed.   
  • ELBC Pays for Itself
    We mentioned that some places hire security guards to keep track of traffic in and out of restricted areas. But how much are those places paying the security guards? How much are their benefits? How long are their vacations? How many sick days are they taking? When you install Exit Lane Breach Control, you manage some of the labor costs associated with hiring human security guards. And that’s why these things can pay for themselves over time—the longer these exit lanes are on the job, the cheaper their annual cost.

Who Uses Exit Lane Breach Control?

We’ve mentioned that airports love these things. But they’re also great for any establishment with security checkpoints and large crowds. Do you manage a train station or a concert venue? How about a stadium or an event space? Do you work in a government building or a corporate building that handles sensitive information? If you manage a property with restricted areas and a lot of foot traffic, Exit Lane Breach Control might be the answer.          

Exit Lane Breach Control can help improve safety, security, and the flow of traffic in your buildings. If you’re thinking about installing ELBC, reach out to ADA today. And the next time you fly through the Nashville International Airport, check out our work!