Here’s something you probably didn’t know: automatic sliding doors, according to this fun article by The Nerdist, were popularized by the hit TV show Star Trek in the 1960s. It’s true! Automatic doors, as we know them, weren’t really seen in the general public until the 70s. So when they appeared in the uber-popular sci-fi show—a whole decade earlier—most people had never seen them before. And they were kinda blown away.

This tidbit of knowledge really makes our automatic-door-nerd hearts squeal with glee. But we can’t help but wish the show had taken it just a little farther—if it were up to us, Star Trek wouldn’t have stopped with automatic doors. They would’ve incorporated a lot more of ADA’s products and services. Here are just a few of the things we would’ve loved to have added to the Starship Enterprise:

Fire Doors

Whether your path through outer space takes you a little too close to the sun (a sizzling 10,000ºF) or a phaser misfires and hits something flammable, fires on board a spacecraft are no bueno. That’s why, had we been consulted, we would’ve installed several fire doors throughout the Starship Enterprise. They help contain the spread of fires and protect the spaceship and the people flying it. And all of those are pretty important if the crew wants to make it back down to Earth some day.

Riot-Resistant Glass

Having flown for centuries, the various Star Trek crews have certainly covered a lot of ground (er…space). And while they’ve met many friendly alien races, they’ve visited quite a few hostile territories, as well. If Gene Roddenberry had consulted ADA when he was creating the show, we would’ve strongly recommended he pony up for some riot-resistant glass in the Enterprise’s doors. This technology withstands gunshots, battering, and other methods of force, and surely would’ve kept those pesky Hirogens at bay.

Biometric Devices

When you’re traveling the galaxy, you’re bound to make at least a few alien friends. Some of whom might have ten or twelve hands. That’s a lot of fingerprints. And you’ll need a fingerprint scanner that can keep up. ADA is up to that challenge! Our biometric devices help you control access to your ship (or building, if you’re based on Earth), let only authorized lifeforms in, and keep ne’er-do-wells out.

Optical Turnstiles

It’s probably safe to say the Star Trek crews were heroes in their universe. It’s easy to imagine the crowds thronging the Enterprise when it eventually made its way back to Earth. Maybe the crew even decided to make a buck by conducting tours of the ship. If so, they definitely would’ve wanted to install some of our optical turnstiles. They’re one of our many tools that help you control access, manage crowds, and of course, charge admission to your intergalactic space museum.

ProActive Maintenance Program

The Starship Enterprise was 947 feet long, had 11 decks, and a crew of 430 people. That’s a lot of crew members moving around an extremely high-stakes environment. Needless to say, the ship wouldn’t have been able to afford any downtime just because one of the automatic doors stopped working. That’s why we would’ve suggested the crew sign up for our ProActive Maintenance Program. Our highly-trained technicians would have paid the ship regular visits to calibrate sensors, make necessary adjustments, perform safety inspections, and nip any problems in the bud. (In fact, we highly recommend this service for Earth-bound facilities, as well.)

We never got to work on the Starship Enterprise (mostly because it’s fictional), but man would we have had fun outfitting it with all of our bells and whistles. Missed opportunity? Maybe. But we quite enjoy working with our Earth-based clients, so we don’t feel it’s that great a loss. So, whether you have a commercial or industrial property, a medical facility, an apartment building, or—eventually—a spaceship, ADA is here to bring your automated doors “to infinity and beyond!” (Oops…wrong show.) Give us a call today!