We all know the importance of safety. But at Automated Doors & Access, we take it to a whole new level by making “safety first” our entire company culture. What does that approach look like, and how does it affect our customers? Here’s how we bring our “safety-first” philosophy to life:

Our Employees Go Through Extensive Safety Training

All of our field employees are trained to interact with equipment in a safe and responsible manner. Even more specifically, they’ve completed the “OSHA 10” safety course, as well as courses in fall and lift protection. That means our team members are trained to identify safety hazards and apply all of the industry’s “best practices” along the way. This increases the safety of our crew, our clients, and anyone who interacts with our automated doors, long after the project wraps.

We Actually Enforce (and Reinforce) Our Safety Protocol

As you know, rules don’t have the same effect if they’re not enforced in a proactive way. That’s why we’ve created a safety enforcement protocol that you can literally see in action. Our safety director visits our job sites regularly. Our senior-level employees give weekly “tool box talks” that reinforce our safety principles. And we consistently review our safety procedures, making sure to document everything along the way.

We’re Prepared for the Unexpected

We never take safety for granted and operate with the full understanding that something could potentially happen. That’s why our foremen and senior journeymen are trained in CPR and first aid. And we’ve created a continuous-improvement process complete with investigations of every workplace incident. We’re always looking for areas of improvement and finding ways to perfect our protocol.

We’ve Assembled a High-Character Team

At ADA, each of our employees goes through a rigorous background check, meaning we’ve gone to great lengths to assemble a high-character team. We also have a ton of experience working in highly sensitive environments like medical facilities and government buildings. So, our employees recognize the importance of HIPPA, confidentiality, and discretion.

Our Experience Mod Rating

The “Experience Mod Rating” (EMR)—as you might already know—is an important safety metric. And we’re proud to say that our safety rating isn’t just good; it’s great. We’ve posted our rating on our website in the name of transparency, quality assurance, and accountability. We’re also just pretty proud of it and like to show it off. If it weren’t on our website, it’d be on our fridge.

Why Safety Ratings Are Important for Contractors

Safety ratings are important for a few different reasons:

  1. We all have a moral duty to protect the people on our job sites. It really is that simple.
  2. Taking the proper safety measures can reduce workplace incidents which, in turn, reduces the cost of fixing technical problems.
  3. Safety ratings can actually lower some of your costs. Our EMR, for example, lowers our insurance premium for worker’s comp. And we can pass those savings on to our clients.

Our Safety Promise to You

Our state-of-the-art automated doors are extremely important to us and to our clients. And we take that responsibility very seriously. But safety always comes first. So, we’ve put our team members through extensive safety training and rigorous background checks, and are proud to earn a near-perfect safety rating. Contact us today to learn more about our automated door solutions and watch our safety-first team in action.