We all love cats (or at the very least, we all love cat videos). At ADA, we’re giving back to the cute, fuzzy creatures that have given us so much. And we’re doing it in collaboration with one of our favorite non-profit organizations—Johnson County Community Cats (JCCC). Here’s how we’re getting involved and how you can help, as well.

JCCC Helps Manage the Stray Cat Population

According to PETA, there are over 60 million stray cats in the United States. The vast majority of those cats lead difficult lives out in the elements, but they also put strain on animal shelters and can be detrimental to local bird populations. Meanwhile, they continue to breed, creating even more stray cats, and compounding each of these problems. That’s why we’re working with this inspiring non-profit to help control the stray cat population in central Indiana. 

JCCC Spays and Neuters Feral Cats

For the entire month of June, ADA is sponsoring the spaying and neutering of feral cats through JCCC. This eliminates the cats’ ability to reproduce, reduces the number of stray cats, and helps manage all of the related hardships. JCCC makes a very real impact: since they opened in 2013, they’ve spayed/neutered more than 5,000 cats and placed hundreds more in loving homes. We’re proud to be a part of the good work they’re doing. 

How Can You Help?

Donate Time, Money, or Resources to Johnson County Community Cats

JCCC is a non-profit organization that’s completely supported by volunteers. Outside of their spay/neuter services, they also facilitate cat adoptions, run a cat-food pantry, and provide veterinary care. You can sign up to volunteer your time by filling out the form here. You can also sign up to foster a cat while it’s waiting for its forever home. Learn more about that process here. And, of course, monetary donations are always gratefully accepted. Because they are volunteer-run, 100% of your donations go straight to helping the cats and keeping up the facility. You can give money through PayPal here, or donate any of the items on their wishlist, which you can find here.

Be a Responsible Pet Owner

If everyone were a responsible pet owner, we wouldn’t have these problems in the first place. Please make sure you educate yourself, your friends, and your family on exactly what it means to adopt a furry friend. As Bob Barker always said, “Have your pets spayed or neutered.” This applies even if yours is an indoor cat. And if they live outdoors, ask yourself if that’s really what’s best for them. Outdoor pets are exposed to the elements, the diseases of other species, and fights with other animals. If you still plan to have an outdoor pet, this article can help you do it responsibly.     

Adopt or Foster

When you decide to adopt or foster a pet, you’re not only giving that pet a loving home, you’re freeing up a spot in the shelter. You’re also skipping a lot of headaches, as many rescue pets have already been potty trained, vaccinated, and microchipped. And most importantly, you’re getting a lifelong companion. Rescue pets are some of the most loving, loyal, and thankful pets around, and most people say adopting a rescue is one of the best things they’ve ever done.

If you’ve been thinking of adopting a cat, now is the perfect time to do it. If you adopt through JCCC, ADA will pay to have your new pet spayed or neutered—at absolutely no cost to you. And be sure to share pics of your new furry family member with us (we do love those cat pics)!