According to Technavio, a leading market research firm, touchless doors are now more popular than ever. So, why do people love these things so much? This article walks you through the biggest benefits of touchless doors.

They’re More Hygienic

Have you ever seen someone grab a door handle with their shirt? They’re doing that because they’re trying to avoid germs. And according to a study by Penn State, they probably have the right idea. After swabbing a random door handle, their study found it was harboring 14 million different bacteria. Going touchless eliminates the need to touch dirty door-handles, slows the spread of germs, and keeps people healthy.

They’re More Secure

Let’s say there’s a sensitive area of your building and you’d like to control access. Touchless doors give you a few different options for doing exactly that. For example, you can install touch-free doors that only open when your employees scan their ID badges or fingerprints. That way, you’re welcoming the authorized people, while keeping unauthorized people out.

They Create Equal Access

You’ll definitely host employees and customers from all walks of life. And keep in mind, for some of those people, opening doors can be a real headache. Some of your clientele is going to be elderly. Other people will be using wheelchairs. And then you’ll have parents pushing a stroller while they’re holding a newborn. Touchless doors make it easier for everyone to access your building.

They Help Create a High-End Feel

We mentioned that touchless doors are now more popular than ever. If your facilities still has a lot of manual doors, some customers might get the impression that your buildings—and, by extension, you—are a bit outdated. Touchless doors, on the other hand, can make it look like you’re bringing your property into the future. And that simple upgrade helps create a high-end atmosphere.

Customers Simply Like Them

When it comes to manual doors versus automatic, some people don’t really have a preference. But when they do, that preference is very, very clear. 98.9% of those customers prefer automatic doors. Updating to touchless options is another one of those things that help create a positive customer experience.

They Might Save You Money

As a little kid, you probably left the door open while the air conditioning was running. And your dad probably jumped all over you with an urgent, “shut the door! You’re letting out all the cold air!” That’s because it’s quite expensive to cool down an entire building. It’s also quite expensive to heat one up. That’s where touchless doors come in. They close automatically, which locks in the temperature-controlled air. And that can help you save big on your next energy bill.

They Can Make Your Business More Efficient

Let’s say you run a small hotel. Your staff probably wheels around several large carts during the day. Whether it’s room service, housekeeping, or bellhops, all of them are constantly trying to get something heavy from Point A to Point B. Automatic doors can really help with that by improving the flow of traffic.

They Eliminate Awkward Moments

You’re approaching a manual door, but realize that someone is about twenty feet behind you. Do you hold the door open? Or are they far enough away that you decide to let it close? You might not know the answer until the person walks inside and shoots you a dirty look. Touchless doors can help eliminate those awkward little moments. Okay, fine. We’re mostly including this one as a joke. But the point is this: touchless doors might pay off in ways that you weren’t even expecting. How will they pay off for you?

The way things are trending, touchless doors are quickly becoming the new standard. And when you stack up all the benefits, it’s easy to see why. They’re more hygienic. They’re more secure. And they’re more inclusive. So, reach out to Automated Doors & Access today to see just how many doors touchless doors can open for you.