We’ve all been on one of “those” group text threads. You know the ones we’re talking about—the ones where people are always talking past each other, communicating on a lag, and no one’s ever up to speed. You’re dealing with several different parties, and it feels like herding cats. If you’ve ever overseen any sort of construction project, you see that same level of confusion when you’re managing several different contractors. It’s simply not functional. You need one, soup-to-nuts contractor who handles everything for you—and that’s ADA. We offer one-stop shopping for all of your door and access projects. 


When it comes to door and entryway design, there’s much more to it than creating an aesthetic; a good design also improves functionality. Our design team not only takes the look and feel of your building into consideration, we also bring our extensive knowledge of how to improve traffic flow, safety, and security to the table. From there, we recommend the most appropriate solutions from our comprehensive range of quality, safe, and innovative products to meet those needs. Throughout the process, we keep in mind value over cost—what will be best for your situation and bottom line both now and in the long run. 


This is where “one-stop shopping” really starts to pay off. We’ve already worked with you on the design, so we’re up to speed on exactly what’s needed to complete the job to perfection. And by the time our certified technicians get to work, the coordination is flawless and nothing is lost in translation. We’ve also designed everything through a practicality filter, knowing that we only recommend design elements that we can deliver on time and on budget. 


Some door installation companies don’t offer maintenance. So, the company that does maintain those doors may not be familiar with the ins and outs of that product or system. ADA, however, offers maintenance for everything that we install. We’re already familiar with the hardware and software, and we know exactly what needs a tune-up. We can even help stop problems before they start with our ProActive Maintenance Plan.     


We’ve been a trusted name in doors and access for over 15 years, and we’ve fostered relationships with some of the best suppliers in the industry along the way. We have access to the best inventory, the most inventory, and even rare inventory. So, whether you need something on the cutting edge, or a hard-to-find part from 60 years ago, we’ve got you covered. (Check out this high-profile historic restoration, where we were able to work with the original door manufacturer to get the job done.)


To every job we work on, we bring a comprehensive safety checklist—that we strictly enforce. But our commitment to safety doesn’t stop there. All of our automatic doors include built-in safety features, like presence sensors, that stop your doors from closing on people. We also offer safety-inspired products, like Won Doors, which help contain the spread of fires. We even offer a ProActive Fire Door Inspection Program, to help make sure your building’s doors are as safe as possible in the event of a worse-case scenario. 


If you manage a government building or a property that involves restricted areas, you need to make sure your entry systems only let in authorized employees or guests. Do you want people to “badge in” to restricted areas or activate your doors with a fingerprint? Do you want a riot-proof door with bulletproof glass? You don’t need to go out and hire a specialty firm, because at ADA, all of that comes standard. We’ll help you control access, let authorized people in, and keep others from ending up where they shouldn’t be.


Commercial, industrial, and government buildings live in a very regulated environment. And you’ll need to jump through a lot of different hoops to prove that your building is safe. Through our Proactive Maintenance and Proactive Fire Door Inspection Programs, we can help you follow that protocol and stay in compliance. In short, we can help you obey the rules, avoid fines, and create a safer workplace. 

You already have enough on your plate. So, when it’s time to upgrade your automatic doors, you don’t want to interact with a dozen different contractors—you want a single contractor who steps in and handles everything from start to finish. Give ADA a call today to see how seamless and stress-free we can make your next automatic door project.