At ADA, feedback is an important part of our process. In listening to that feedback, we’ve noticed a common thread: our customers repeatedly say working with ADA is simply different—in a good way. This is a difference we proudly embrace in every phase of the game, from planning to installation, to follow-up.     

The Planning

We Give Quick and Accurate Quotes

If you reach out to a large automatic door company, your inquiry might get lost in the shuffle. And if you reach out to a tiny company, they might not have the bandwidth to get back to you right away. But at ADA, we make it a priority to issue timely and accurate quotes. That means we never leave you hanging. We never charge you for unnecessary services. And we never ambush you with hidden fees.   

We Have a Design Team

It’s generally good to have a specialty. But some companies are so specialized, they only do one thing, and you end up having to work with several different contractors to get the job done. At ADA, you’ll never run into that problem. We have our own design team, which means you deal with one company from start to finish. It also means nothing gets lost in translation. 

We Use a Pre-Construction Checklist

Our tagline says “Quality is Automatic,” because that’s how our work should feel to you—effortlessly excellent. But the truth is, it’s not entirely automatic. There’s a lot that goes into a successful project, and it all starts with our pre-construction checklist. This is a carefully-crafted approach that’s informed by years of experience. It helps us get consistently great outcomes for our clients, and it helps us spot any potential hiccups before they become actual problems. 

The Installation

We Assign a Dedicated Project Manager

Many companies manage their projects by committee. In other words, you have multiple people in charge. But all too often, when everyone’s in charge…no one’s in charge. You have too many people making decisions based on incomplete information. That’s why we always assign a dedicated project manager to your job. We understand the value of having one “go-to” person who really sees the big picture.

Our Technicians Are Highly Trained

Our technicians are AAADM Certified, which means they’ve met the highest standards in installation, repair, and safety. They also have lots of real-life, on-the-job experience. By the time they show up to your job site, it’s never their first rodeo. We also staff each project with personnel that understands all of the related systems, like fire and access. So, everything is seamlessly integrated and goes off without a hitch.    

We’re All About Safety

We take a lot of pride in all of our work. But some things are more important than doors and access. That’s why our highest priority is always the personal safety of everyone involved. Simply put, we take safety seriously. In fact, you could even call it an obsession. You can read more about our safety protocol here, but rest assured we’ve checked every box—and have the safety record to prove it.   

We Make Sure You’re Up to Speed

Once the install is complete, many companies take off without a second thought. But a new automatic door isn’t like a new shirt or a static piece of art. Not only do we test and retest all the components to make sure they’re functioning properly before we leave, we also train the new owner on operation and basic maintenance to make sure your new doors last for as long as possible with the least amount of hassle.

The Follow-Up

We’re Great at Follow-Through

There are lots of honest professionals out there, but unfortunately, some places will say whatever they have to in order to get the job. Then, when it’s actually time to deliver on those promises, they seem to come up short. When you work with us, we honor our commitments, we exceed your expectations, and we do it all on time and on budget. 

We Guarantee Our Work

All of our work comes with a warranty. We guarantee the quality of our work, but for your own peace of mind, if a part breaks or something goes haywire, we’ll come right back and fix it. That means you can buy with confidence, knowing you’ll end up with exactly what you paid for, and then some.  

We Offer ProActive Maintenance 

We’ve said we never stop working until the job is done. But the truth is, we keep on working long after the project is complete. We do that through our ProActive Maintenance Program—one of our most popular services because it offers continued support. We’ll come in, make adjustments, and lubricate components. We’ll also recalibrate your sensors, tighten belts, and adjust your gears. This optimizes your doors and access, extends their life, and prevents costly breakdowns. Click here for details.

A lot of companies say they’re different. But at ADA, we challenge ourselves to prove it. We start with a detailed planning phase that sees all of the angles. We staff your project with highly-trained experts who really value quality, efficiency, and safety. And then we support your project long after it’s over through our ProActive Maintenance Program. Reach out now to see the ADA Difference up close and personal. Our door is always open!