“Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee.” That’s a famous quote by Muhammad Ali, one of the most accomplished boxers of all time. And while he’s obviously talking about boxing, he may as well have been talking about business—because in our industry, a company hits the jackpot whenever they can marry the power of a large company with the finesse of a small one. We feel fortunate to have made a career out of operating in that space. So, this article gets a little more specific about our big-company capabilities and small-company feel. 

Our Big-Company Capabilities

ADA Offers a Full Range of Service

Many people think they have to work with a large, national company for “one-stop shopping.” But that’s simply not true—ADA has the ability to handle your entire job from start to finish. From the initial design, to installation, and all of the maintenance after the fact, ADA is with you every step of the way, supporting you long after the job is done. 

ADA Specializes in Sophisticated Projects

Sometimes, a mid-sized company runs into a project that’s too complex. They just don’t have the experience to handle a certain level of sophistication. But when your project gets technical, that’s where ADA shines. We handle every type of door and turnstile. We bring you the latest and greatest in controlled access. And we even offer specialty products, like riot glass and magnetic locks. At ADA, we simply do it all.  

ADA Can Handle Jobs of Any Size

Some clients think you need a massive contractor for a massive job. But that’s not the case. At ADA, we have long-standing relationships with both specialists and suppliers. That means we have the ability to scale up for the larger jobs by utilizing manpower from our other branches when you need it the most. We’ve tackled some of the largest, most high-profile jobs in the Midwest. And we’d love to tackle yours! 

Our Small-Company Approach

ADA is Your Friendly, Neighborhood Team

When you’re interacting with a large company, sometimes you’re working with so many different people that it feels a bit impersonal. You’re never sure which contact to call on any given day. But at ADA, it never feels like you’re working with a faceless bureaucracy. It feels like you’re working with human beingsbecause you are. You’ll interact with the same contacts from day one, so they truly know your project, they truly know your expectations, and they truly know you. It’s a personalized dynamic that makes you feel seen, heard, and prioritized.

ADA Takes a Personalized Approach

Most big companies work on several different jobs at once. And they need a very structured process to help them manage it all. The problem is that sometimes their process can end up feeling pretty rigid and uncompromising. At ADA, however, we understand that no two projects are the same. So, we’ve created a flexible, personalized approach that’s based on your needs, not ours. That’s why our clients end up with a custom project that feels nimble and easy. 

ADA is Great at Relationships

You may recall that one of our recent special projects was working on the historic William H. Block Department Store. In order to complete the job to the best of our abilities, we needed to engage the original door manufacturer from the 1930’s. Fortunately, we had fostered the relationships to do exactly that. And those relationships really paid off. But they’ll pay off on your project too, in countless ways, behind the scenes. When you work with ADA, you can rest assured that you’re not just working with a doors and access company. You’re working with a member of this community. And it shows. 

When you’re kicking off any project, you’re probably caught between two sensibilities. Do you want the firepower of a big company? Or the flexibility of a small one? Well, at ADA, you never have to choose. We have the experience to handle the largest, most technical projects. And we take the personalized approach of a family business. No job is too big. No job is too small. And of course, our door is always open.